"Nobody, as long
as he moves about
among the chaotic
currents of life, is
without trouble"

Carl Jung



Thank you for visiting Ffynnon Hypnotherapy's website. Unfortunately we have moved and are not in a position to take on any clients at present. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and would ask that you check back later in 2015 for further updates. We do hope to be in a position to take on new clients at a later date.

Many thanks

Dr Simon Hill


Trying to solve problems alone can be very difficult.

Fear of making the wrong decisions, or taking inappropriate action, may lead us to put up with the intolerable for years. Yet, how often, when a solution is presented, are we left feeling, "I knew that! I wish I had done that years ago."

How many of us, right now, wish that we could :-

Ffynnon Hypnotherapy can help you now.

Every one has within them a wellspring of answers to even the most serious of problems: a deep untapped source of vision, energy and power. We can empower you to discover your true potential and channel it towards the best possible outcomes; freedom, peace and contentment.

We are professionals with depth and breadth of human experience and problems, and offer focused effective therapy within a caring and confidential relationship.

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